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Having Sungailiat as its capital, this Regency has a total area of 2.950,68 km2 bounded to the north by Natuna Sea, to the east by South China Sea, to the south by Pangkalpinang Municipality, and to the west by Bangka Barat Regency and Bangka Strait. It has prominent natural potentials around Matras Village.

Parai Tenggiri Beach is among the potentials. This tourism area is equipped with a four-star hotel from which formations of huge granite boulders are clearly view. Next to that is Matras beach, a well-known tourist destination for having crystal-like sand and astonishing boulders with a steep cliff and blue sea of Karimata Strait in the background.  There is also Tanjung Pesona Beach in Rambak Village about 9 km from Sungailiat. It has a hotel featuring a restaurant on the edge of the cliff, pool, entertaining and meeting room in a lovely position overlooking the sun rise and vast endless blue ocean from its window.  

This regency also has Hakka community – the oldest migrant from southern part of China entering Bangka Island as mining labor in Dutch colonial administration – in Gedong Village. There are around 43.016 Confucius adherents living in it in ancient houses and using antique tools.

It may only take two days to explore all natural potentials in this Regency.


Mary Cave of Kanaan

The name of this Catholic cave located in Batu Rusa Village – 45 minute drive from Sungailiat – is taken through a long process of consideration. It opened to suggestions from its congregation and priests as long as it was related to its history and Bible. The name of Maria Kanaan finally came up suggested by Yohanes Sariaman and used until this present as the name of this cave serving its congregations once a month, on the last Saturday.

Rebo Tourism Village

This is a fisherman village with a total area of 3,210.1 ha. Besides the traditional life of its people, the main attraction of this village is of course the scenic beauty of its beach and sea, where hill and plantation in the background stretched out.

Air Anyir Beach

As the name implied, this beach is in Air Anyir Village, about 30 minutes travel from Sungailiat. This is the place where an annually traditional ceremony – Rebo Kasan –, is held. It is a ritual to get rid of bad luck and a thankful expression to the God before heading out to the sea.

Mahayana Hill

Located in Lubuk Kelik Village, about 15 minutes from Sungailiat, this hill is well known for being a place of worship for Buddhist living around Sungailiat. It welcomes not only Buddhist but also everyone interested to visit.

Tanjung Pesona Beach

Stretching in Rambak Village, about 9 km from Sungailiat, this beach is fascinating. The sun rising on the horizon of Karimata Strait in the background of South China Sea is framed by the hotel window. Restaurant by the edge of the beach, pool, meeting and entertaining room are provided by a good facility hotel to enjoy sea breezes and its scenic view. Boulders and sandy beach are inviting us to swim.

Parai Tenggiri

Well known for huge granite boulders on the edge of the beach, this beach is located in Matras Village. The gentle sound of the waves lapping on the shore and crashing against the boulders creates wonderful experience inside. Hotel built overlooking the blue sea provides excellent facilities for it guests.

Matras Beach

This beach is a well-known tourist destination for having crystal-like sand and astonishing boulders with a steep cliff and blue sea of Karimata Strait in the background has been popular since decades. Coconut and other kinds of trees stretching along the beach blending in color with the blue sea refer to what the local calls as the Mattress Beach. Wooden huts of food stalls wait for those interested to taste the delicacies. Coconut leaves flapped in the breeze of South China Sea compose a natural symphony to refresh those spending their time on the beach.

Pe’chun or Chinese community tradition in relation to the sea is also celebrated annually on this beach.  

Tirta Tapta Pemali Hot Spring

Firstly discovered in Dutch colonial administration during tin exploration of Banka Tin Winning Bedrijf – Bangka tin mining company –, the hot spring located in Pemali Village is another tourist attraction besides beach. It has a natural hot spring without containing sulfur known to have good effects on health and to relieve stiffness and sore from exertion by bathing. This attraction built 20 km away from Sungailiat was under administration of PT Timah – a national tin mining company – after Indonesia archipelago got its independence. This place is renovated and developed into one of recreation areas in 1970’s.

Mary Cave of the Guardian of All Nations

This Christian worship place is located in Belinyu. It has a Cross Street symbolizing the crucifixion of Jesus.

Gedong Tourism Village

Located in Lumut Village, this tourism area is inhabited by Hakka community – the oldest migrant from southern part of China entering Bangka as mining labor in Dutch colonial administration. There are around 43,016 Confucius adherents living in here in ancient houses and using antique tools. These people who earn their living by producing kemplang and kerupuk usually hold a lunar ritual called Sung Ko Gong ritual on every 18th day of 8th month based on Chinese Calendar. Kemplang and Kerupuk are kind of chips made from a starch base and ground shrimps, fish, and other ingredients. They come dried and are fried before eaten.   

Kuto Panji Fort

This cultural heritage used to be owned by Captain Kang or also known as Bong Kiung Fu, a rich Chinese merchant.  His treasure is believed hidden somewhere at his fort.

Penyusuk Beach

Stretching on the northern part of Bangka Island, this destination is only 6 km away from Romodong Beach. Boulders scattered everywhere combined with calm blue sea and wavelet breaking against the white sandy shore are perfect background to enjoy sunset. From the top of the boulder, we can see four isles protecting this beach from crushing wave. A lighthouse is standing on one of the isles because of which called Lampu Isle – island of lamp.

Romodong Beach

You will have a great welcome of natural heavenly gate – this is what the local call of this gate – of huge granite boulders after traveling 18 km to the west of Belinyu. White sand stretches along the shoreline behind the gate. Isles around it become natural wave barriers and therefore the sea is calm.

Editor: Zelly/Rusni

Buku Travel Pattern Bangka Belitung 2012
Syekh Ahmad Sobri (Translator)

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