Travel Pattern of Bangka Selatan


Located in the southern part of Bangka Belitung archipelago, it has the average topography of 28 m above sea level, 10,440 km exclusive economic zone, 2,100 km coastal area and 283,4 km coastline. It also has two islands and more than 38 isles.

Owing to its position in an international sea line, various kind of ships pass the water of the area this regency is bounded to the north by Bangka Tengah Regency, to the south by Java Sea, to the east by Gaspar Strait, and to the west by Bangka Strait. It has a total area of 3,026,685 km.

Toboali Fort

Toboali Fort, as the name implies, is in Toboali, BangkaSelatan Regency. It is an archaeological remain of a fort of Verenigde Oostindische Compagnie (VOC), a Dutch trading company holding a monopoly in Indonesia 1602-1799. Its blueprint is in a military map drawn in around the middle of the nineteenth century entitled “a map of Island Banca formerly known as China Bata” kept in national archives of the Nederlands.

This fort was built on a strategic location, on a 15 m seaside hill to monitor sea traffic behind a protective wall that was 90 to 120 cm thick. It is unique for it has an unusual design compared to other forts in Indonesia. Others were constructed in four legs turtle shapes while this fort only has one leg in the northeast. There is a big possibility that it ran its function administratively as a gateway to enter Bangka Island. We still can see the foundation of the fort at the present time. This VOC fort was constructed around the middle of nineteenth century according to a blueprint dated 1825. It is located on a seaside hill to monitor sea traffic at one side and the city at the other side.

Nyelanding Hot Spring

Located in Nyelanding Village – 44 km from Toboali – it can be visited in less than an hour travel on an easy access road. It has eight wellsprings. Four are cold and the rest are hot in different temperature. The water in one of them is drinkable. It is assured hygienically by the Regional Health Office of Bangka Selatan after conducting a research on it.

Tanjung Kerasak

This easily accessed destination is one of the favorite beaches in Pasir Putih Village. Besides offering a scenic view of two contiguous rocky isles, its mesmerizing clear water also invites visitors to play around. Many events were held here though facilities have not fully supported yet.

Tanjung Labu Beach

Having crystal-like water, this destination is one of the most interesting beach areas in Lepar Island, an island in the south of Bangka Island. The island is reachable within 15 minutes from Sadai Port. It has a long coastline. A traditional wooden quay connects the beach to Pongok Island and also other isles around.

Batu Perahu Beach

This beach is only about 5 minutes away from downtown Toboali. It is characterized by huge granite boulder. Many people enjoy the sunset on the boulders or along the quay used by fishermen to tether their boat. Sometimes you can find villagers buying fish from the fishermen who just beached their boat.

Gunung Namak Beach

Located about 18 km or 30 minutes travel from Toboali by car, this beautiful white sandy beach is known for its clear water. Although the facilities are not completely available yet, there is an easy access by road to this place.

Pongok’s Batu Tambun Beach

It is a very natural beach. Clear water and Mangrove blend in harmony with granites to create a breathtaking view of the nature.

Batu Betumpang Beach

This rocky beach is surrounded by mangrove and located in Batu Betumpang Village, about 135 km from Toboali. It only takes 1.5 hour travel by car  to get here. It is not only known for its panoramic beauty but also its busy shipping lane

Batu Ampar Village

Only 20 minutes travel by car, Batu Ampar Beach is about 19 km from Toboali. We will be welcomed by a sandy road as the gateway. The beach is natural even though the facilities are not available yet.

Pepper Plantation

Pepper plantations are stretched in some districts in Bangka Selatan. This is one of   commodities most local people have as their source of income.

Orange Plantation

Located in Rias Village, this plantation is about 10 km from Toboali. It only takes less than 20 minutes by car to get here.

Salak Plantation

Salak, also known as Salacca or Snake Fruit, is one of Indonesia indigenous fruits. It is a plum-sized, oval fruit with a brown, snake-skin exterior and an astringent taste. In Bangka Selatan Regency, this thorny palm is cultivated by the people to earn a living in Pulau Besar District. The center of this plantation is in a transmigration area of Desa Panca as a resettling place for inhabitants of overpopulated island

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