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Namang Village

Kalong protected forest in Namang is not only conserved as a green area in Bangka Tengah (Central Bangka District) but also becomes a tourist destination. It has various types of plants as sources for nectar like Gelam, LetingPelawan, and Rempodong.  

Pelawan mushroom cultivation is one of natural potentials in Namang Village. It also has typical Bangka Tengah bitter honey. This honey is more special than other types of honey because the bees only take bitter nectar of flowers from Pelawan trees.

Kurau Village

Kurau, a fisherman village, is about 30 km from Pangkalpinang and only 30 minute drive from Koba. It is also a place to rent boat for those who want to visit the isles nearby. The life of the local people is also unique for it is different from other villages nearby.

Penyak Beach

Located about 20 km from Koba, Penyak Beach is the longest beach in this province. It is the mostly visited beach can be enjoyed with friends and family on holidays, especially in the celebration of Eid. Floating restaurant is available here as a place to relax while enjoying the beauty of the beach.

Sumur Tujuh

Sumur  Tujuh (seven wells) is in the eastern part of Koba, next to PT. Kobatin golf course. Built in 1944, they were functioned as sea water receptacles to make salt for the need of the locals and Japanese as colonizer in the time when salt was difficult to get because Japan bombed every ship entering Koba waters. There were at least 50 Chinese workers and native Bangka Tengah in processing salt at that time. The name of Sumur Tujuh was taken from seven wells located closely together. They have about 7 m in diameter. It is said that those wells connected by a canal.

Kulur Ilir Beach

Estuary separates land and sea in Kulur Ilir Beach. It is beautified by white sand and natural rock and commonly used by fishermen to tether their boats. It is only about 20 km from Koba and only takes 15 minutes driving from the city center.


Being a developer of around 51.205 ha forest in Lubuk Besar, P.T BangkaNesia has responsibilities to make the best use of the forest. Its remote location requires a self-fulfillment to support its activities. Camp, clean water, power station, climate monitor, and portable toilet are its supporting facilities.

Sadap Waterfall

Besides visited by many tourists, both local and international, Sadap Waterfall is often used as a set in film making either by local or national TV stations. It is located in Perlang Village, about 30 minutes travel from Koba. Natural scenery will spoil your eyes along the way to this place.

Batu Beriga Beach

Batu Beriga Beach is about 45 km from Koba in Lubuk Besar sub-district. It has natural boulders and many people, both local or those who live far from here, visit this beach.

Batu Berikat Beach

This scenic beach is only 45 km from Koba in Lubuk Besar sub-district. The boulders beautify it especially when it is seen from a high place. It also has a high lighthouse tower.

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Buku Travel Pattern Bangka Belitung 2012
Syekh Ahmad Sobri (Translator)

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