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Internationally known as Billiton, this  2,293,69 kilometer sq Regency is bounded to the north by South China Sea, to the east by Belitung Timur Regency, to the south by Java Sea, and to the west by Gaspar Strait.

It is at longitude 107008' to 107058 East and latitude 02030' to 03015 South. This tropical region is an archipelago comprised of 98  islands of which Belitung is the biggest among Seliu, Mendanau, and Nadu. It has 5 districts, which are Tanjung Pandan, Sijuk, Badau, Membalong, and Selat Nasik.

Those Districts have 7 subdistricts and 42 villages. As a hilly region, it has Tajam hill,  500 m above the sea level, as the highest  place while the lower places are rivers  like Buding in the north, Pala and Kembiri in the south and Berang and Cerucuk in the west. The rivers flow from the upper course to the beach in tree-like patterns.

Relatively, it may only need two days and one night to explore almost all potential destinations of Belitung Regency.

The Gateway

Located in Buluh Tumba Village, about 17 km from Tanjungpandan, H.AS Hanandjoeddin Airport (TJQ) is the main gateway to Belitung. It only takes 45-50 minutes flight from Soekarno Hatta, the Indonesia’s main airport in Jakarta – to land to the airport, which only serves domestic flight currently.

Another gateway to Belitung is inter-island sea transportation. It offers an unforgettable experience to enjoy isles along the way.

Museum Tanjung Pandan

Due to its geological collections, this museum was initially named Museum Geologi. It exhibited kinds of rock and scale models describing the tin mining history from traditional to modern era.  It was an idea of Dr. Osberger, a Belgian geologist working in Belitung tin mining unit to establish the museum in 1962. Located in Melati Street Tanjung Pandan, it now keeps historical remains of several traditional administrations ruling in Belitung.

Traditional weapon like parang and keris and also pottery are some of its collections.. Tanjung Pendam Beach. This 22 ha beach in Tanjungpandan is right across Kalamoa Island where a Chinese temple is located. Garden, stage, restaurant, art gallery, sports facility and bench shelter are laid to please visitors coming to enjoy by taking pictures or tasting the culinary delights. Various cultural activities like music and kite festival and also sports festival are held here. It also offers the view of sunset which is too spectacular to miss.

Tanjung Kelayang

This is the visitor’s most favorite beach to visit, among others, in Sijuk subdistrict, about 27 km away from Tanjungpandan. Garuda head-shaped boulder on the coastal waters across the beach is its landmark. Garuda is a mythical bird mounted by god Vinshu and also a national emblem of the Republic of Indonesia. As a stopover in an international ocean yacht rally–Sail Indonesia– held annually in October, this beach has cottages built to harmonize with natural landscape. It also has an amphitheater, facilitating performing art and other activities.

Tanjung Tinggi

Owing to its beautiful panorama, Tanjung Tinggi became setting place of film-making. Laskar Pelangi and Sang Pemimpi were also shot on location in this beach. Laskar Pelangi, internationally known as the Raibow Troops, is a phenomenally successful novel written by Indonesian author, Andrea Hirata.

White sand and huge boulders along the beach are a great combination of the nature. Its wavelet is another thing to enjoy by swimming or boating. Moreover, the culinary delight of Belitung can easily be tasted in restaurants. Gangan or fish broth, pepes or roasted fish wrapped in a banana leaf, fried squid, shrimp and crab broth are served for culinary lovers. Finally, a Resort is available for you to end your night. Don’t forget to take a picture to remind you that you have visited this beautiful place.

Museum Badau

As a traditional administration, Badau was rich for its cultural heritage exhibited in Badau Museum– about 20 km from Tanjungpandan. It was firstly ruled by Datuk Mayang Gresik – The first Javanese coming to Belitung in 15th century – as written in a book by DR. Osberger. It is now inherited to his 10th generation, Kik Djohar. This museum exhibits keris, sword, gong, kelinang, and garu rasul. It also has two “barambu” spears considered to have magical powers. The spears will vibrate or move as if to find a way out if they are put in a box and therefore the box cannot be sealed.

Tarsius Breeding of Batu Mentas

The stream flowing from Gunung Tajam through the protected forest in Kelekak Village has clear water  that we can see its bottom. It is where Tarsius Bancanus Saltator is bred. Locals call this animal “Pelile’an”. However, it is not easy to observe this tiny animal in the wild, so the forester places it in a breeding area.

Besides observing Tarsius, canoeing down the river, enjoying breathtaking view, hiking and doing flying fox  are challenging activities to do. If you want to experience a night in the forest, you can stay in a place called “indosafaritent” or on a well-built tree house.

Kepayang Isle

Located in Tanjung Binga Village, this destination is close to Tanjung Kelayang from which we can take a 15 minutes trip on a fisherman boat to it. This is a place of turtle and coral preservation. Cottages and restaurant are available here built to harmonize with its surroundings. Granite boulders and coconut trees around the isle arouse romantic atmosphere. It is therefore a destination for those who want to have a memorable honeymoon.

Batu Belayar

About 10 minutes boating from Tanjung Kelayang stands a group of granite boulders on an isle surrounded by clear water. Those boulders will look like a boat sailing– belayar in Malay– across the sea if the isle is sinking into the water due to rising sea level. After the

water residing, visitors can walk around and of course take photos. Snorkeling is also a challenging activity to get your adrenalin runs. The underwater is rich with beautiful coral reef and fish.

Lengkuas Isle

This is an isle on which stands a lighthouse built in 1882 in Dutch colonial administration. The lighthouse still guides ships around Tanjung Binga waters with its flashing up till now. From the top of its 70 m height, visitors can enjoy wonderful panoramic view of the sea, especially coral reef around the isle.

The underwater reef seen from the top of the lighthouse will give an unforgettable impression on us. The shipwreck of Indomarine sunk around 1990 makes this isle even more interesting.

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Buku Travel Pattern Bangka Belitung 2012
Syekh Ahmad Sobri (Translator)

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