Commemorate of The Birth of the Prophet Mohammed in the village of Sadai Toboali, Southern Bangka Regency

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The people of Toboali commemorate of the Feast of The Prophet Mohammed in Al-Ikhlas Mosque. Sadai villagers are very excited more over on that day the special guest, the Governor of Bangka Belitung Provice Mr. Eko Maulana Ali and his entourage coming.
Al-Ikhlas Mosque necessarily populated by villagers, because in addition to the arrival of the governor, but there are also other guests eagerly awaited the famous proselytizer Ustadz DR. H. Das'ad Latif, S.Ag, S. Sos, M.Si, a Lecturer of Communication Studies of Hasanudin University from Southern Sulawesi.
Commemorate the Birth of the Prophet in this occasion by the theme Increasing of Faith And Good Charity, by imitating the behavior of daily living prophet of Mohammed, an enviable and emulated by the public. And this activity begins with the reading of verses of El-Quran and blessings on the Prophet.
After done blessings, Ustadz Das'ad stand up to the stage and delivered his lecture. He said, the Prophet of Mohammed is as a leader, not only respected by his friends, but also respected by his enemies.
Therefore, we must follow and imitate of the Prophet's life every day, to be a leader, and a leader for yourself. "But the problem is, how can we follow the example of the prophet that we never know how the prophet lived. Nowadays people differ from those first, where parents teach and tell about the behavior of the prophet that should be duplicate," Das'ad delivered.
Beside that the Governor of Bangka Belitung Province, Eko Maulana Ali also gives a speech to remind the public about gratitude, "When we give thanks, according to the God's promise that we will be given more pleasure than what we are feeling right now. If the people are grateful and good at, then the day will be more prosperous and prosper. But as the promise of God as well, if not grateful, then it will be exposed to punishment of Allah, "said Eko warned.
"Capital construction is not of the high value of human resources and strong, and large funds with good planning, not just that. Thing is nice, but even better if it is based on the faith and devotion to God Almighty." Eko said.
The event closed by having meal to eat together, or called Nganggung, complete with seafood dishes tempting.
(Source: Department of Communication and Information Bangka Belitung Province)


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